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Let me start by saying, you are not alone.

The gut is not always the easiest of subjects to talk about, nor the most glamorous…

As a doctor and a parent, Gut Dr can sympathise with the feelings of fear, anxiety and embarrassment you might be feeling in the face of your gut health issues.

But gut health is, and should be, a priority for us all.

With decades of extensive medical experience and research, Gut Dr is a noted leader and educator in gut health.

Whether you are here for general advice on food allergy, information on your child’s gut health, or are researching a particular symptom, Gut Dr is a wealth of knowledge. And a great starting point to learn all about the workings of your gut.

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Dr Vincent Ho: My Story

As a parent, my two young children – Olivia and Brandon – are my world. Their health and wellbeing is my number one priority. And it was an incident with one of my children that really ignited my passion for health.

It was a Saturday afternoon and my wife Cindy and I were at a Chinese yum-cha restaurant with our extended family, including my six-month-old daughter Olivia. We were introducing Olivia to a range of solid foods at the time and thought nothing of giving her an egg tart.

But a few minutes later, a rash appeared over Olivia’s lips. The rash then spread all over her face, and she started to become wheezy. She looked very uncomfortable and we all rushed over to her. In the middle of the catastrophe, a panic-stricken voice yelled, “Is there an EpiPen?

That voice was mine.

Olivia’s allergic reaction lit a fire within me to uncover the causes and investigate treatments for allergies, especially in babies and young children.

I have devoted countless hours over many years to learning the science of the baby’s gut and allergies. I am incredibly passionate about unlocking the mysteries of childhood allergies and the way that the gut functions.

I completed my medical studies at the University of New South Wales where I had the opportunity to do a summer research scholarship at the Children’s Cancer Research Institute, working on leukaemia cells. I followed this interest in cancer cells, going on to earn a PhD studying the biological markers of rectal cancer.

I’m now a senior lecturer at Western Sydney University in Sydney, where I also head a research lab. As well as a researcher, I’m a practising gastroenterologist who sees patients with all sorts of gut problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, coeliac disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

I have appeared on Michael Mosley’s ‘Better Guts’ program on SBS. I also frequently contribute to ‘The Conversation’, where my articles have received over five million views.

More recently, I turned my passion and knowledge towards writing a book – ‘The Healthy Baby Gut Guide‘. This book is packed with sensible advice, surprising scientific discoveries and a nutritionist-approved nine-week infant meal plan to help you navigate the introduction of foods for your baby. Practical, easy to follow and utterly eye-opening, this book is essential reading for every parent and parent-to-be.

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Let’s dive deeper into the gut, together

Gut Dr is all about equipping you with trustworthy, accurate and reliable gut information to help you live your best life.

Learning about your gut health doesn’t need to be overwhelming or confusing.

From common gut problems to learning more about your baby’s gut health, Gut Dr is here to help you enjoy a healthy gut, from the inside out.

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